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Gain Clarity For Your Beauty Biz to Build Sustainable Success.

Craft Intentional Growth Plans For Your Beauty Biz Aligned With Your Vision. Avoid Wasted Time, Money and Burnout.

Find and Implement 'Easy Buttons' Throughout Your Systems, and Processes. To Create Solutions For Long-Term Success.

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Mindset! It's not just a title; We empower you with skills to guide and empower your team towards shared success.

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Hi I'm Jena!

I'm the passionate owner of Catalyst Beauty Group, dedicated to empowering beauty business owners like you. With an extensive background in the industry and a Bachelor's in Business Management, I understand your struggles and challenges.

Whether you're just starting or a seasoned entrepreneur, our programs are tailored to your needs. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a thriving beauty business with me by your side!"

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Working with Jena completely change my business. During our program, I was able to build business credit and secure a platinum American Express

Business Card. I was also able to hire, and onboard my first employee who is doing phenomenal. I have significantly increased my revenue, and just raised my prices again!

Lina Muniz, LME

One of my biggest goals while working with Jena was to separate my hair care business frown my salon suites, we accomplished that and much more!! After turning clients away for months because I was booked solid, I was able to hire and onboard an assistant. My revenue has increased, and my salon suites are fully booked!


The Beauty Cafe Luxury Suites

My future business partner and I reached out to Jena after hearing her on a podcast. We came to Jena because we had no idea where to start with our upcoming business merger. Jena walked us through the merger seamlessly, we officially launched and have experienced huge success.

Shonda, Spray Tan Lounge

Catalyst Beauty Group

Signature Course

Beyond The Salon


In Our Signature Salon Accelerator Program.

You will gain access to Go Beyond The Salon and live a more fulfilled life. Through our private community, course, and accountability calls start checking off your big goals of hiring employees, becoming an educator, starting a product line, or finally starting that second business.

Catalyst Beauty Club


It's time to go Beyond Your Skill! Learn the skills of becoming a Business Owner. A personalized mentorship program empowering Beauty Professionals to build thriving businesses. You will receive expert guidance in strategic planning, financial management, marketing, operations, customer service, sales, and much more.

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Are you ready to take your Beauty Biz to the next level? With Six-Figure SOPs, you will have the resources to build a team and create systems in your business.

This document has SOPs and Forms you will need for your beauty business.

This is going to be such an amazing resource for your business. This guide has over 50 pages!

Six-Figure SOPs


Are you ready to learn the secrets to building your business credit to $100,000

in as little as 6 months?

The TOP online program for all Beauty Biz owners.

Whether you're a 1099

Contractor, Sole Proprietor, or have an LLC. This course will teach you everything you need to know to build a Six-Figure Beauty Biz Foundation.

Six-Figure Business Credit Course

Imagine having all the tools to fully protect your Beauty Biz without having to spend thousands on lawyer fees!


No more last-minute cancellations...

Double your sales with your consent form...

Finally, hire employees the right way...

Six-Figure Contracts


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